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Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation

The Creators of Grounding Garments.

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Our Patented Grounding Feature reconnects you to the Earth's Free-Flowing Electrons.

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Proven benefits of wearing No Choice™

Protecting you from non-native EMF, mitigating oxidative stress risks, No Choice™ helps balance your immune system and fight off infections.

Energy & Recovery
Wearing No Choice™ is shown to increase HRV, a measure of body recovery & readiness, by an average of 20%.

Better Sleep
80% of No Choice™ customers reported an increase in sleep quality, measured by sleep trackers like Oura Ring or Whoop.

Improved Cognition
80% of No Choice™ customers report a boost in cognition (reduced brain fog and headaches), memory, and happiness.

Fertility Boost
No Choice™ underwear blocks EMF coming from your phone that is known to reduce sperm count and infertility in men and women.

Healthy Aging
No Choice™ mitigates the accelerated aging process oxidative stress creates in our cells and body by protecting you from non-native electromagnetic radiation.

Reduces Inflammation
Being connected to the earth's free-flowing electrons by wearing No Choice™ drains your body from inflammation.  

Improves your mood
Earthing (grounding) involves bringing your body in contact with the earth, No Choice™ allows you to do this while indoors where you need it most. A recent study found grounding improves your mood, fast.

Decreases pain
Grounding with No Choice™ puts your body in contact with the Earth's natural electric charge, stabilizing the physiology at the deepest levels, reducing inflammation, pain, and stress, improving blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generating greater well-being.

What is earthing?
In short, earthing or grounding is putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth. This means that skin needs to touch soil, sand, water, or a conductive surface that is in contact with the earth to deliver the natural healing energy of the Earth into your body.


How does it work?
Your body becomes filled with negative-charged free electrons that are abundantly present on the surface of the Earth. Your body immediately equalizes to the same electronic energy level, or potential as the Earth.

What do you feel?
While everyone has different earthing experiences, most of the people will initially feel a warm, tingling sensation and often feelings of ease and well-being. It's attributed to re-energizing, re-synchronizing and body rhythm normalization due to energy transfer from Earth to your body. This sensation usually diminishes and goes away after a few sessions of Earthing.

What are the benefits from Earthing/ Grounding?
- Reduces Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on the body
- Improves immune response

- Defuses cause of inflammation and improves related symptoms
- Reduces or eliminates chronic pain
- Improves sleep in most cases
- Increases energy and lowers stress
- Normalizes the body's biological rhythms
- Relieves tensions and headaches
- Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms
- Reduces or eliminates jet lag
- Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity
- Improves blood flow
- Elevates mood

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Wash our sliver garments with ECO Washer!


Here's What ECO Washer Does
The Eco Washer is an innovative laundry system that offers a fantastic solution for washing silver clothing without worrying about harsh detergents that can tarnish the silver. With its ozone technology, The Eco Washer thoroughly cleans clothes while helping silver items retain their shine. By generating ozone and dissolving it into the water, The Eco Washer acts as a powerful agent to remove stains and odors without the need for traditional laundry detergents.

ECO friendly
This eco-friendly approach not only reduces the use of chemicals but also ensures that silver items are washed safely and gently. By eliminating the risk of oxidation and minimizing tarnishing, The Eco Washer helps silver clothing maintain its lustrous appearance, making it an ideal choice for those who value both cleanliness and the longevity of their silver garments.

Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again
Transform the way you do laundry with a healthier and more energy efficient alternative to your typical routine. Enjoy deeper cleaning, softer fabrics, brighter colors and huge annual savings with EcoWasher!

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You can wrap a phone in the silver fabric and it will completely block a call from going through! Watch the video below to see for yourself.

No Choice Hoodies have a silver mesh that protects you from EMF radiation

Protects from radiation

The silver mesh blocks EMF's from passing through, leaving you protected on the inside.

No Choice silver fabric is permanently and naturally antibacterial


No Choice™️ sliver fabrics are naturally and permanently antimicrobial and anti-odor, keeping you fresh.

No Choice Hoodies uses the Finest Materials that protects you from 5G

Finest Materials

Fabric made with pure silver.

No Choice Hoodies are designed and hand crafted by experts that protects you from 5G

Cut and Sew 

Designed for protection. Hand crafted by experts.

No Choice Hoodies are Light & Silky EMF Hoodie that protects you from 5G

Light & Silky

This fabric is  light as a feather & silky to the touch.

No Choice Hoodies are Easily Foldable EMF Hoodie that protects you from 5G

Easily Foldable

The light and silky fabric makes it easy to fold and store in compact places. Making it convenient to travel with.



Don't believe us? Watch our video!


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