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Protective Grounding Blanket/Cape


No Choice™ protective grounding cape/blanket is made with 100% organic cotton on the colored side and 100% silver fiber technology on the inside providing protection from electromagnetic radiation.
They come with an included grounding cable so you can be connected to the earth's free-flowing electrons while indoors and receive all the natural healing benefits that come along with it. 


EMF Protective Reversible Joggers

No Choice™️ EMF protective reversible joggers are made of 100% silver fiber technology on the silver side.  The black side is a soft nylon blend. The joggers have conductive, EMF, EMI, RFID, and anti-radiation functions. There is a grounding attachment and comes with a grounding cord so you can receive natural healing from the earth. No Choice™️ sliver fabrics are naturally and permanently antimicrobial, keeping you clean, fresh, and protected.

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This STORM KNIGHT jacket collection is designed to protect you from WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G cellphone radiation, and frequency weapons. This garment reconnects you to the earth's free-flowing electrons with our built-in grounding connection and included a grounding cable. This garment contains 100% pure silver fibers.

grounding attachment EMF protection by No Choice
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No Choice Hoodies have a silver mesh that protects you from EMF radiation

Protects from radiation

The silver mesh blocks EMF's from passing through, leaving you protected on the inside.

No Choice silver fabric is permanently and naturally antibacterial


No Choice™️ sliver fabrics are naturally and permanently antimicrobial and anti-odor, keeping you fresh.

No Choice Hoodies uses the Finest Materials that protects you from 5G

Finest Materials

Nylon threads coated in pure silver.

No Choice Hoodies are designed and hand crafted by experts that protects you from 5G

Cut and Sew 

Designed for protection. Hand crafted by experts.

No Choice Hoodies are Light & Silky EMF Hoodie that protects you from 5G

Light & Silky

This fabric is  light as a feather & silky to the touch.

No Choice Hoodies are Easily Foldable EMF Hoodie that protects you from 5G

Easily Foldable

The light and silky fabric makes it easy to fold and store in compact places. Making it convenient to travel with.



Don't believe us? Watch our video!

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Review by Luke Storey

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No Choice™️ strives to provide the most effective, affordable, and fashionable EMF protection on the planet. We are always working on more genius products to provide for the masses. We are for the people and forward thinkers in the new paradigm shift.

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