Shield Your Body from Up to 99% of Cell Phone Radiation. The No
Choice™ Blackout Pouch makes it much safer to carry your phone by
shielding your body. Our Phone Pouch deflects up to 99% of radio
frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) EMF radiation away from your
body and your reproductive organs.
It ensures your information security from getting hacked and so protect
your privacy.
This Bag has 2 basic functions:
1. Anti-radiation. This bag prevents you from being damaged by wave
radiation coming from your phone.
2. Anti-degaussing. You can avoid losing information as well as
information leak when you put your ID and bank cards such as IC
Magnetism cards or key fobs in it.
It’s durable, Portable, and Easy to Use.

See how it protects you!
Suitable for a variety of mobile phone models our Phone Pouch
comfortably fits an iPhone plus. Our convenient design makes it super
simple to slide your phone in and out of the Phone Pouch. To use it you
simply put your phone in the Phone Pouch and then put it in your
It’s made of Pu synthetic leather that is waterproof.

Blackout Phone Pouch 3.0