This STORM KNIGHT jacket collection is designed to protect you from WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G cellphone radiation, and frequency weapons. This garment reconnects you to the earth's free-flowing electrons with our built-in grounding connection and included a grounding cable. This garment contains 100% pure silver fibers.


Product Features

- 100% Silver Tricot Antioxidant Fabric

-  Water resistant nylon fabric

- Grounding Connection (included grounding cable)

- Included Travel Bag

- Elastics on the hood and waistband

- Reflective 3M Spine

- Full-Zip Hood for complete protection with eye holes

- Faraday cage Pocket on the left chest for phone

- Reversible zipper so you can wear it reversed plain silver

- Logo Embroidery


(M) Men's colors available - Midnight & Smoke 

Normal fit


(F) Women's colors available - Midnight & Smoke 

* Women's waist slimmer sized

XXL = size 12

XL= size 10

L = size 8

M = size 6

S= size 4

* Size exchanges are accepted.

* If you plan on storing the jacket for long periods of time we recommend you vaccume seal it to preserve the silver.

Storm Knight (Protective Grounding Jacket)

$450.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price