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Disable Android 5G Networks

It's very easy to change the mode in which your phone uses 4G LTE Networks vs 5G Networks on your device. This isn't the best way to fully reduce your exposure to 5G Networks due to the fact that there are still the cell towers that are being installed everyday on every street corner designed to emit high amounts of 5G radiation.


Disabling the 5G Antennas on your phone and setting it use the 4G LTE Mode on your device will also help improve the about of battery usage on your smartphone without your phone having to emit such a short wavelength from the device 24/7.

This works on any device from Android 10 and beyond.

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Settings Page 5G Android 2.png
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  1. Go to Settings > Connections.

  2. Tap on Mobile Networks.

  3. Tap on Network Mode.

  4. Tap on LTE (4G LTE) to prevent the phone from connecting to 5G Networks. You can switch it back whenever you want.

Also have an iPhone? View the settings by pressing this button below to learn how.

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