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             - exchanges

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Orders generally ship within 24 hrs from the USA unless otherwise noted on the home page.  We do not outsource our shipping. Occasionally when a vacation is necessary we will close shipping down for a period of time.  When this happens we will put the time frame on the home page.  Keep in mind all shipping companies are closed from

mid-day Saturday - Sunday and on federal holidays.

Shipping is based on the weight of the products you purchase.  You have an option for shipping methods at checkout.

  We use either USPS or UPS for our shipments.

You will receive an email with your tracking number the day your shipment goes out.

This is the only tracking email you will receive.  Check your spam folder.

  No Choice™ ships worldwideInternational shipments are based on the weight of the products you purchase and may be subject to pay duties and taxes which are out of our control.

Return Policy

All sales are final.  Size exchanges are accepted. 

If you were sent the wrong item or if the product is defective email:

Gift Cards

                                                              Non-returnable or refundable  -   Valid until the end of time             

In order to maintain effective shielding, please recognize that this is a special product the requires special care.  In order to ensure the longevity of your silver-infused No Choice™ products, please know that silver cannot be washed like normal textiles.  To be safe, please avoid washing your No Choice™ gear with tap water or well water, it must be washed with distilled or reverse osmosis water and gentle, citrus-free soap.  Chemicals found in tap water and well water such as Fluoride, Chlorine, and Sulphur, all corrode and tarnish Silver, making the silver fabric less conductive and therefore less protective.  A little care will go a long way with No Choice™. 

By purchasing this product you accept full responsibility for any risks associated with using No Choice™ EMF Protective Grounding products. 

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