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Introducing No Choice™ Button Ups - where style meets protection, grounding, healing, and exquisite craftsmanship. These button-ups are meticulously designed with a blend of 33% silver fiber and 67% linen, featuring buttons made from Akoya mother-of-pearl shells.


First and foremost, No Choice™ Button Ups have been specifically engineered to shield you from electromagnetic radiation (EMF). In our increasingly connected world, nonnative  MF is a constant presence, but with these button-ups,  you can counteract its harmful effects and feel secure wherever you go.


Secondly, each No Choice™ Button Up comes with an included grounding cord to reconnect you with the Earth’s natural flow of electrons. Grounding is not just a trendy concept; it has been scientifically proven to contribute to overall well-being and balance.


Additionally, the healing properties of linen cannot be overstated. Linen has a rich history of assisting in various types of healing, even being used as bandages due to its natural ability to combat bacteria and fungi. Hospitals used linen sheets for its exceptional healing and infection-fighting qualities. Linen carries a unique signature of 5000 mHz, a naturally occurring feature that provides energy to your body raising your frequency as you wear it. Experience the benefits of this remarkable frequency, which will infuse your body with renewed vitality and energy throughout the day.


No Choice™ Button Ups not only protect you from EMF, ground you with included cord, and take advantage of linen’s healing properties but also elevate your style. Embrace a fashion-forward look while enjoying the lasting benefits of these exceptional button ups.

Linen x Silver EMF Protective Grounding Button Ups

  • Centimeters:

    Short Sleeve

    Size S M L XL
    Length 72.5 74 74.5 77.5
    Chest 55 57.5 59 63
    Shoulder 46 49 51 53.5
    Sleeve 31 31 31.5 32.5

    Long Sleeve

    Size S M L XL
    Length 73 74 75 77.5
    Chest 5.5 58 60.5 63.5
    Shoulder 46.4 48.4 51.4 54.5
    Sleeve 60.5 61.5 63 65