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Expanding our collection of linen x silver fiber bedding, we’re excited to introduce our newest addition: the Linen x Silver Fiber Flat Sheet. Elevating both comfort and protection, this flat sheet combines 67% organic undyed linen with 33% silver fiber for a truly exceptional sleep experience.

Harnessing the advanced shielding capabilities of silver, this flat sheet provides impressive protection, blocking up to 40GHz with 99% efficiency. (Please note: Our third-party labs can only test up to 40GHz, suggesting potential effectiveness beyond.) And for an added touch of comfort and luxury, we’ve pre-washed the linen for a softer feel.

Immerse yourself in tranquility with our built-in grounding feature and included grounding cord, connecting you to the earth’s natural energy flow assisting in your body to heal as you sleep. Plus, if you’re already enjoying our fitted bed sheet, streamline your setup - just one connection grounds both sheets as long as they are both in contact with each-other, ensuring uninterrupted protection and healing throughout the night.

Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with the No Choice™ Linen x Silver Fiber Flat Sheet – seamlessly blending innovation, protection, and unparalleled comfort.

Linen x Silver Fiber Bedding Flat Sheet