Size 48 inches long (head to knee) x 68 inches wide 

Size 123x175cm


No Choice™ protective grounding cape/blanket is now available in a variety of colors. The blanket is made with 100% organic cotton on the black side and 100% antioxidant silver tricot fabric on the inside providing protection from electromagnetic radiation. They come with a grounding cable so you can be grounded while indoors and receive all the natural healing benefits that come along with being grounded. (Learn more about the grounding here) ⋅ Protects 99% EMF at 40GHz ⋅ Size 123x175cm ⋅ Comes with Grounding Cord (you can add earth extension cable for $15) Not only does the silver fabric protect you from electromagnetic radiation, but this pattern also provides protection from negative energies and entities. Here at No Choice, we use our grid pattern as a tool/encryption to direct ordered patterns within the personal manifestation template. This pattern holds lines, angels, and geometry that hold scalar wave instruction templates, that when observed speak directly through your eyes, through the pineal, and directly to your DNA. Just by observing this pattern dormant strands in the DNA template can be progressively brought into activation, to expedite the process of spiritual actualization. You can use this pattern (pattern down below) as a shield by visualizing it within your manifestation template. One would stare at the pattern for a few moments to get the encryption implanted in their mind. Next, your would use your thoughts and imagination (creative visualization) to direct the frequency, creating a pattern of energy that has a specific vibrational signature or "tonal Sound signature" which directly interfaces with the energetic vibration sound signature of the manifestation templates scalar grid. You can project the pattern within your in your walls, bubble around you, etc. This pattern acts as a screen negative energies/entities cannot pass through. Project this pattern into your aura to protect you from energy vampires and beings that try to cord you. Just how the screen in your microwave blocks the microwaves from passing through, is the same concept that applies here to frequency beings that exist around us outside of our light spectrum, and in different dimensions that can feed off our energy. The less consciousness you have the more energy you create that you're not using. Expand your consciousness and come to realize you are your own source of energy and beings in other dimensions will not want to feed on you.

Protective Grounding Blanket/Cape