No Choice™️ reversible protective grounding joggers are made with silver fiber technology which is designed to protect you from electromagnetic radiation. The black side is a water-resistant flexible nylon blend. It has conductive, EMF, EMI, RFID, and anti-radiation functions. They not only protect you from electromagnetic radiation they also ground you to the earth with our innovative grounding connection so you can receive natural healing from the earth (learn more about the grounding feature). No Choice™️ sliver fabrics are naturally and permanently antimicrobial, keeping you clean fresh, and protected.


The pockets act as Faraday cages for your Cellular device. This way you can put your phone in your pocket and not have to worry about getting damaged by the radiation coming from your device. You can also put key fobs, push-to-start car keys, and credit cards in your silver pocket and not have to worry about scammers stealing your information with these skimming devices These are the first and currently only grounding joggers on the planets (patent-pending).


Comes with included grounding cable. (Add earth extension cable for $15)

*Size exchanges are accepted.

EMF Protective Grounding Reversible Joggers