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“Shield Fortify ” EMF Protective Grounding T


This t-shirt is made with pure silver and is designed to provide protection from electromagnetic radiation and reconnect you to the earth's free-flowing electrons with our innovative grounding feature. The front of the shirt has our 24-point lotus logo embroidered on the left chest. Across the upper back has our grid in a trinity fashion with a diagram referenced from the Kathara manuals showing our energetic shields and their flow line control centers. We have anchored our grid into/around the planetary body during the ascension cycle to help combat the electrostatic force-field that attempts to block incoming/outgoing higher dimensional frequencies. You can help fortify the shield by imagining the pattern around the plane/planet then activating your maharic shield connecting your 12D pillar directly with one of the circles in the pattern that’s surrounding the planet, then with your breath pull up energy of platinum silver light from the earths core into your personal shield and pulse it up into the grid above fortifying the shield.



Grounding connection with included grounding cable

Material: 26% silver fiber, 51% cotton, 23% spandex

Shielding efficiency: 29.6-63.7dB from 10MHz to 10GHz

Anti-bacterial rate: :>99%


The clothing is made of pure silver fiber. Incorrect washing will damage the silver and destroy conductivity and shielding performance. Pure silver itself has natural antibacterial and anti-order properties. Lessor no washing is recommended. If they do need washing, please note the following points:


1. Cool water

2. Use neutral laundry detergent such as TEXCARE - dreft - FOCA

3. Air dry

4. Do not bleach

5. Do not dry clean

6. Do not iron

“Shield Fortify” EMF Protective Grounding T-Shirt

  • Inches:

    Size S M L XL 2XL
    Lenght 27.7 29.3 29.9 31.4 32.2
    Bust 17.5 19.2 22.2 23.6 25.1
    Shoulder 17.3 19 21.6 23.2 24.8
    Sleeve 7.8 8.4 8.6 8.8 9.2
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