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Protect your body and channel your energy with the No Choice™ EMF Protective Yoga Crop Top. This top is made with pure silver and is designed to shield against harmful electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices while keeping you cool with its stretchy design and breathable fabric. The high neckline of the crop top provides full coverage and protection, and the padding enhances breast support for a comfortable fit. Plus, the built-in pocket on the back of the top offers a convenient spot to store your phone while keeping you safely protected from EMF radiation. Furthermore, with the optional grounding cord, you can also take advantage of the earth's natural flow of electrons for added balance and energy. Perfect for yoga, meditation, or any other activity that requires focus and concentration, the No Choice™ EMF Protective Yoga Crop Top is a must-have for any holistic lifestyle. Try one today and feel the difference.


• Made with pure silver

• Provides protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation

• Includes an optional grounding cord for added grounding benefits with a built-in grounding feature

• Features a built-in pocket on the back to store your phone

• Designed with a stretchy, compression fit

• Offers a high neckline for full coverage and protection

• Includes padding for enhanced breast support

• Features plenty of mesh for breathability and coolness

• Perfect for hot yoga or meditation

• Stylish and comfortable design


(It does not come with a grounding cord you must add it to the cart if you want one)

EMF Protective Yoga Crop Top

  • Centimeters:

    Size S M L XL
    Lenght 38 39.2 40.4 41.6
    Chest 72.4 76.4 80.4 84.4
    Shoulder 24 25 26 27
    Waist 59 63 67 71