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Third Eye Chakra Activation

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The “seat of intuition” a pine cone the size of a raisin, planted in the center of the forehead. The place where one’s wisdom and control is held. The pineal gland, in other words the Third Eye, or Anja Chakra in

The activeness of the Third Eye correlates in determining one’s beliefs, open-mindedness, perceptions and ultimately their reality. By harnessing

positive cognitive and emotional tools and modalities, we access greater levels of self-awareness, higher wisdom, visualization, clarity, discernment, imagination and creative dreaming.

Practicing and spending time meditating, sound healing, in aromatherapy, crystal grid creation, journaling to reflect and harness open-mindedness or recording dreams. Eating blue herbs and superfoods like blueberries, drinking blue butterfly tea, açaí, etc. All these modalities and healthy habits increase true perceptions on reality, lessening the black and white mentality of dualism, leading to a clearer vision of the world and our place in it.

Many nowadays hold the incorrect perception that modern science refutes spirituality. When in fact science and spirituality go hand in hand. As modern science progresses it only goes to further support those ancient schools of spiritual knowledge.

Research on the piezoelectric effect (electricity resulting from pressure) on the calcite micro crystals within the pineal gland show that the effect radiates and produces a bioluminescent “cold” light that interacts with energetic fields, creating extra-sensory perception like those creatures of deep sea marine life. This bioluminescence falls within the blue-green spectrum of light. With the higher color vibrational frequency, it makes sense that the Third Eye should be related with higher vibrational emotions and moods. In being the first distinguished gland formed during gestation of a baby and it’s continual release of melatonin as it relates to sexual development and sleep cycles, we can conclude that having a clear and healthy pineal gland is essential to spiritual, emotional and physical growth.

However it is getting increasingly difficult to find health and balance within the Third Eye, as we are pressured by societal norms of money, sex and entertainment. On top of that we are constantly being bombarded by infrared energy waves and EMF like 5G radiation. Author Preston B. Nichols reveals in his book The Montauk Project, the Air Forces experiments of Sage radar and the effects of infrared waves on the human brain. Extended periods of infrared wave exposure showed symptoms of sleepiness, crying, aggression, fear, terror, hopelessness, grief and apathy.

With the cards stacked against us, we need all the help we can get. No Choice™ clothing offers fashionable, ultra light and comfortable clothing infused with silver whose primary purpose is to deflect and protect you from these waves and unhealthy vibrational frequencies, protecting and grounding us so we may return back to our roots, connected to source. I recommend the EMF Protective Balaclava, beanie or cap to protect the precious Third Eye, so we may blossom into the best versions of ourselves.

Check out No Choice™ other variety of protective head-ware and clothing options to give you the best fighting chance in this ongoing battle for consciousness.

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