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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets are being linked to serious health conditions of all kinds today, from fertility issues to cancer.

Recently, we even learned of women who kept cell phones in their bra developing cancerous tumors on the breast.

But did you know that children are most susceptible to EMFs?

Indeed, young developing bodies are vulnerable to EMFs in all kinds of ways. Their tissues are still developing and hold more water, which makes their bodies more conductive to EMF radiation. And they’re the ones most likely to have a constant, 24-hour a day fascination with phones, video games, TV, and all things technology, especially with this new generation of “digital natives.”

We have to take young children with us everywhere we go. Anyone who’s stood in line, waited for food at a restaurant, wanted to concentrate on a conversation, or read a magazine at the doctor’s office has found handing their child a cell phone or tablet is a great way to quiet their accompanying child—right?

The problem is that today, we are now learning about a very strong connection between EMFs, ADHD, and other cognitive and behavioral disorders.

Startling new studies have found a strong correlation between ADHD and EMF radiation exposure. In fact, just since 2013, there have several studies published on the connections between ADHD and EMFs. This many studies in in this little time indicates a growing concern that warrants immediate attention.

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