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Your Cell Phone Is Frying Your Genitals; Here’s What To Do About It.

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

As time has progressed, cell phones have become more and more integrated into the daily lives of our society. The vast majority of us carry our cell phones in our pant pockets. After all, it really is a convenient spot to keep it, right? Here’s the thing… if you carry your phone in your pocket, you’re quite literally microwaving your genitals.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Well according to collections of hundreds of independent, peer-reviewed studies, including a $25 million study from the National Toxicology Program (NTP), Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from mobile devices is proven to cause DNA Damage, Cancer, Mitochondrial Damage, and much more.

In addition to this, Apple Inc’s iPhone user manual quietly warns that carrying an iPhone in one’s pocket “may exceed FCC radiation exposure guidelines”. The manual warns the device should not be carried closer than 15 mm (⅝ inch) to the body.

In a comprehensive review of the published scientific literature, the Environmental Working Group found ten human studies that have identified a startling variety of changes in sperm exposed to cell phone radiation. Men who carried their phones in a pocket or on the belt were more likely to have lower sperm counts and/or more inactive or less mobile sperm. These findings are in accord with similar results in laboratory animals.

All of the ten human studies found statistically significant correlations between cell phone radiation and sperm health. By carrying your cell phone in your pocket, you are exposing an extremely sensitive area of your body to harmful radiation. The sake of humanity’s future existence lies in our ability to reproduce, and with plummeting sperm counts in men worldwide, we are in need of solutions to solve this problem.

The powers that be have left humanity with No Choice but to take action for our health and wellbeing.

No Choice Blackout Phone Pouches block out 99% of Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) keeping your body protected and healthy.

Made with 100% silver tricot fabric on the inside to prevent wireless radiation from your cell phone from reaching the body, and made with water-resistant PU leather on the outside.

No Choice Phone Pouches are the functional and aesthetic solution to the major issues that our phones are causing.

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