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Comfortable Lies vs. Unfortunate Truths - A Response to Norway News, VG Journalist, and Ekstra Blade

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Recently, one of the world’s top athletes, Erling Haaland revealed his support for No Choice. It is no surprise that such a renowned athlete takes care of his health in ways that are above and beyond the average person. To the young legend Erling Haaland, we graciously appreciate the support in our mission to protect humanity.

Mitochondria are absolutely essential to life, and they are especially important for those who are active. Mitochondria are the energy powerhouse of our cells. They produce cellular energy in the form of ATP, they protect our DNA, and help maintain our body's glutathione (the master antioxidant) levels. Any damage to our mitochondria can be detrimental and lead to a host of health problems.

Quoting from several studies:

Electromagnetic radiation causes structural damage to mitochondria. Exposure to radiation causes swelling and cavitation in mitochondria as well as broken, disorganized and sparse mitochondrial cristae or folds (1, 2). The damage increases with prolonged exposure time even though the dose of radiation was low, therefore, long-term, low-dose exposure leads to significant damage. After three hours of microwave radiation, visible swelling of mitochondria increased and after twenty four hours, there was mitochondrial degeneration (1). Damage caused by radiation is cumulative. Radiation also damages the mitochondrial membrane which causes a decrease in mitochondrial membrane potential (1), which is responsible for the proton motive force and energy production in mitochondria, which eventually leads to apoptosis (1, 3) or cell death, since apoptosis is regulated by mitochondria.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that clearly shows damaging effects from wireless radiation, many are still shrouded in ignorance. The Norway News is a prime example of this ignorance.

Following Erling Haaland’s public support for No Choice, The Norway News wrote an article speaking negatively about Haaland, and the entire No Choice family. The second sentence in their nonsensical article states, “Conspiracy theorists believe that you need to be aware of your responsibilities.” Apparently being aware of your responsibilities makes a person a “conspiracy theorist”... I’ll add that to the list I guess. They continue the article by making egregious statements claiming that wireless radiation does not lead to negative health effects and that we, and Haaland, are engaging in conspiracy theories.

Their article does however, accurately state that I have previously mentioned that there has been no safety testing on 5G whatsoever. This is a fact that was admitted by a telecommunications spokesperson on February 6, 2019 during a US Senate Hearing on the Future of 5G Technology. If there has been no safety testing, how can 5G be pushed so quickly? And why is it that anyone who raises concern about the topic is immediately dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”?

Based on their ridiculous article, it is clear that Norway News is either ignorant, or corrupt. I’d like to assume the former.

For a moment, I’d like you to put yourself in the year 1965. Imagine you are going about your business and you see a man smoking a cigarette while carrying a baby. You see the smoke going directly into the face of the baby, but the man does not seem to care. Since you are a person who speaks up when you see something that should not be happening, you go over to the man and tell him to stop smoking around that baby. You inform him how detrimental the smoke is to the baby’s health and development. The man shouts at you, calling you a crazy conspiracy theorist, while insisting that the “real experts” say that smoking does no harm.

Flash back to today. The same exact senseless ignorance is taking place with cell phones. Cell phones really are the new cigarettes. Much like cigarettes have been, cell phones are vastly widespread, socially accepted and encouraged, and extremely harmful to the human body and environment around us.

You may have once wondered how society went from smoking cigarettes on airplanes, to having them outlawed. The person who was largely responsible for this is a wonderful woman named Dr. Devra Davis.

Four decades ago, Dr. Devra Davis worked incredibly hard to get people to understand just how severe the consequences of smoking on airplanes was for everyone on the plane, particularly children. After making enough noise, and spurring enough scientific research, it was clear that smoking needed to be prohibited on airplanes, and it was.

Now in 2021 (and recent years), Dr. Devra Davis has been among the most outspoken experts warning about the harmful effects of wireless radiation, especially for children.

Many ignorant, or simply corrupt organizations and people have gone great lengths to proclaim the mindless statement that “wireless radiation isn’t harmful”. This is simply the same dangerous ignorance that allowed cigarettes to be smoked on airplanes for decades.

Just as the tobacco companies used propaganda and lies to convince the masses that their products were safe, telecommunications companies have done the exact same, except with a much higher budget, and with the help of big tech, and the mainstream media.

In schools, Wi-Fi and tablets are widespread and frequently used by young children despite the fact that children’s bone marrow absorb microwave radiation 10x as much as adults.

If our society truly cares about children, then it is time to stop mindlessly calling people “conspiracy theorists” for pointing out scientific research that shows wireless radiation is damaging our kids.

Instead of blindly trusting the mainstream narrative, we must research for ourselves and apply critical thinking to assess the situation at hand. There are thousands of doctors, scientists, radiation experts, and weapons experts who are shouting out in desperation to get people to understand just how dangerous this sea of wireless radiation has become.

Just as these "journalists" claim there is no scientific data that proves 5G is harmful, there is also no evidence to prove the opposite.

See how easy it can be to argue both sides?

There is, however, PLENTY of evidence to prove that EMFs at even a much lower frequency are very harmful. Just do a quick internet search (DON'T USE GOOGLE) and you'll find plenty - or explore the other blog posts we have shared.

Look I understand that both sides are simply serving what we might believe to be our truth (or not?..). But there just seem to be less truth and more harm to be sought out in critic of protective items.

And like Haaland himself suggested, try them on yourself and THEN come back and tell us how you feel.

To conclude I would like to ask you all a simple question; what side of history would you like to be on? The side that calls those who make new discoveries “conspiracy theorists” or the side that embodies courage and bravery in order to make positive changes for humanity.

The choice is yours.


1. Hao, Y., Zhao, L. & Peng, R. Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms. Military Medical Research. 2015; 2:4. doi: 10.1186/s40779-015-0033-6. []

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Written by Evolved Truth

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