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How EMF Radiation Can Affect Athletic Performance

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What are electromagnetic frequencies, and how can they impact the physical and mental health of athletes? Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, also called electromagnetic waves or radiation, are part of the light spectrum that humans cannot see, and they are a form of energy generated by electrically charged particles. 

Humans can see less than 1% of the light spectrum, which includes the colors of the rainbow, and even though we cannot see electromagnetic fields, they are there and interact with us at the quantum level. 

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation? 

There are two main types of EMFs: Native EMFs (NEMFs) and Non-Native EMFS (NNEMFs). Native EMFs are electromagnetic fields created by nature, such as sunlight, The Schumann Resonance, Earth's heartbeat, and your own heart's magnetic field, while NNEMFs come from man-made electronic devices, such as cell phones, power lines, and wireless communication devices.  

In general, native EMFs have positive effects on human health, while Non-Native EMFs have more negative effects. In physics, anytime you have an electric current, like the electricity charging your phone or the electricity running through your heart, you also have a magnetic field around it and vice versa. For example, if you have a pair of magnets, we know they also have an electric field, not just the magnetic field we can feel through attractive and repulsive forces. 

This is a universal law, which is why anytime you are near an electronic device, you are also close to its magnetic field, even though you cannot see it because you do not have the receptors for those frequencies. 

What are the mitochondria? 

Everyone knows the mitochondria as the cell's powerhouse, which is essential, but the mitochondria do much more. The mitochondria communicate with each other inside of you using extremely low-frequency UV light, which is a literal fire inside you. 

In addition, mitochondria are highly sensitive to their environment, including EMF radiation, and research suggests that EMFs can highly influence mitochondrial function, which is responsible for body energy production, physical performance, energy levels, and cognitive performance.  

How Overall EMF Exposure Levels Impact Athletic Performance

Mitochondrial Dysfunction 

Most of the harmful effects from EMF exposure occur because EMFs have been linked with mitochondrial dysfunction, which affects your body's energy production systems, energy levels, as well as overall mental and physical performance. 

The mitochondria are the literal batteries of your cells, which charge your cells by creating energy, and they cannot work correctly when they are interrupted by the electromagnetic fields produced by modern technology. 

Physical Effects

  • EMFs can create oxidative stress responses in cells by disrupting their communication and signaling pathways, leading to cellular dysfunction and affecting recovery

  • Prolonged exposure to EMFs has also been linked with increased inflammation and production of free radicals, which you can think is the opposite of an antioxidant. 

  • EMFs can also disturb the natural rhythm of various hormones such as cortisol, the stress hormone, leading to elevated cortisol levels that hinder recovery and stress, as well as testosterone and estrogen levels, which are crucial for muscle mass, bone health, and overall energy. 

Neurological Effects

  • EMF exposure has been linked to decreased cognitive performance, such as reduced memory and focus, which affects decision-making and problem-solving abilities. 

  • EMF radiation can also negatively affect sleep quality by interfering with melatonin production, leading to various health problems such as sleep deficiency

  • EMF exposure can even trigger increased stress by activating the sympathetic nervous system, which is for fight or flight, and can contribute to anxiety and mood changes over time. 

How to Minimize Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields 

As an athlete, no matter what sport you play—soccer, basketball, baseball, or anything else—limiting exposure to EMF radiation may improve your physical and mental performance and recovery process.

Here are some tips to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields and limit their negative effects.

  • See the sunrise and sunset daily. 

  • Use red lights or natural light, such as candles, after sunset.

  • Use blue light-blocking glasses after sunset. 

  • Expose as much skin to sunlight as possible daily. 

  • Ground yourself as much as possible daily. 

  • Do not use wireless electronic devices, such as wireless headphones, and instead use hard wires

  • Do not put your phone in your pocket, and if you do, put it in airplane mode.

  • Use an EMF protection cell phone case or Faraday Bag. 

  • Use a sleeping mask at night.

  • Check out all of the EMF protection products, such as clothing and bed sheets, from 

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