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Declassified Government Document Reveals the Damaging Effects from EMFs

A declassified document from the US Defense Intelligence Agency in 1976 revealed shocking information about the damaging effects from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and how these technologies can be used as weapons of war. EMFs are a silent weapon for a quiet war against mankind. In this secret government document, there is mention of animal experiments using low-level microwave signals. It was reported that they could kill the animals using these low-level frequencies. This was done in one of two main ways - by inducing a heart seizure or by creating neurological disorders resulting from breaching the blood brain barrier. If they could do this to animals in the 1970’s, do you really think it’s unrealistic for them to be able to do this to humans in the 2020’s, after 50 years of advancement?

Understanding 5G

Before we look into more information from the document, I want to explain some details about 5G so you can gain a better understanding. Remember, when you are in a war (even a quiet one), you must understand the weapons being used against you in order to protect yourself from harm. 5G has the ability to operate on a wide range of frequencies, typically from 600MHz-100GHz. There are three main types of 5G: low-band, which operates below 1GHz, mid-band, which operates between 1GHz-6GHz, and high-band, which operates above 24GHz. High-band 5G uses millimeter waves, just like the U.S. Army’s Active Denial System which is a literal weapon. The Active Denial System operates at 95GHz, which is in the range of what 5G is capable of operating at. When we say 5G is a weapon, it is not hyperbole. Low-band 5G (1GHz-6GHz) has long wavelengths, similar to 4G; high-band 5G (>24GHz) has much shorter wavelengths, thus they are referred to as millimeter waves. Telecommunication companies have already stated that a combination of low-band, mid-band, and high-band 5G will be required in order for 5G to function “properly”. This means that we will be faced with a variety of threats to our bodies and the environment. With all of this information about 5G in mind, let’s get back to the document and make some important connections.

The document highlights that very short waves are absorbed primarily by the skin, while long wavelengths penetrate to much greater depths. Short waves, such as 5G millimeter waves, have extremely high energy, making it very difficult to shield against - especially when beamed (directed towards a single target). In fact, silver is one of the only materials that can stop 5G millimeter waves in beam form.

EMF Effects on Blood

The document then discusses the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the blood. In summary, they found that exposure to electromagnetic radiation caused:

  • a decrease in hemoglobin content

  • reduced coagulation times

  • a decrease in leucocyte count

So what does that mean? Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, so when your hemoglobin is low, that means your body is not getting enough oxygen, making you feel weak and tired. Lack of oxygen causes a host of detrimental health issues, including the development and exacerbation of cancer.

Coagulation is a type of blood clotting that occurs when a blood vessel gets damaged. Do you remember scraping your knee as a kid, getting it all bloody, and then suddenly the bleeding stopped? That was coagulation at work. If it weren’t for coagulation, any little cut would cause one to bleed out and die.

Leucocytes are white blood cells; they are the cells of the immune system that protect the body from infectious disease and foreign invaders. A low white blood cell count leaves one defenseless against disease-causing pathogens.

It is important to note that grounding, or Earthing, has been shown to have tremendously healing effects on the blood. You can learn more about it in one of our previous blog posts - HERE.

Common Side Effects of EMF Exposure

The document stated that the most common complaints from test subjects were headache, fatigue, perspiring, dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, agitation, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration. Have you experienced any of these symptoms for seemingly no reason? I’m sure you have - and trust me, you’re not alone. These troubling issues are plaguing our society, and most people have no idea why they are experiencing them. They haven’t considered the fact that they are being bombarded by wireless radiation 24/7, which is often the source of many of their health issues.

Reproductive Damage from EMF’s

In the declassified document, reproductive damage was also observed. The researchers found a decrease in the reproductive function of the ovaries in female rats. They also found that exposure to microwave radiation led to a 19% decrease in conception. Furthermore, there was damage to the testes in male rats - which shouldn’t come as surprise if you’ve read our blog post about EMFs and male reproductive organs. When the researchers exposed already pregnant rats to microwave radiation, they experienced many stillbirths, weak newborns, and abnormal growth in the babies.


All of the information gather in this 35-page declassified government document from the US Defense Intelligence Agency clearly shows that there are a multitude of ways in which microwave radiation causes harm to living things. This is just one of many proofs that wireless technology is NOT safe, despite what the industry tries to convince the public. Share this blog post and government document with anyone who doubts your concerns about the effects of wireless technology.

Article by Evolved Truth

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