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Grounding: and its effects on blood

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

It is no secret that blood is essential to maintaining a state of homeostasis within the body. Your blood is responsible for many important tasks such as:

  • Transporting oxygen from your lungs to your cells

  • Directing body pH

  • Directing body temperature

  • Carrying carbon dioxide and other waste materials to the lungs, kidneys, and digestive system to be removed from the body

  • Fighting infections

And more.

With all of that in mind, we can realize that by improving the health of our blood, we can improve our state of being as a whole.

So how can we do that?


Grounding or Earthing (direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with bare feet or hands, or with No Choice grounding garments) is well known to have profound effects on the human body in a multitude of aspects including:

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Increasing muscular recovery time

  • Improving wound healing

  • Decreasing stress

And MUCH more!

Grounding is one the easiest and most effective methods for boosting your overall well-being.

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the benefits of grounding is its effect on the blood.

A remarkable study from 2013 concluded, “Grounding increases the surface charge on RBCs and thereby reduces blood viscosity and clumping. Grounding appears to be one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.”

By lowering blood viscosity, you are immediately reducing your risk of the most common cause of death; heart disease.

The photographs below are from darkfield microscope images of blood taken from three individuals just before they grounded, and after forty minutes of grounding.

It is clear to see that there is a dramatic thinning and decoupling of the blood cells after grounding.

Whenever possible, get your bare feet in the grass and experience the tremendous benefits of grounding.

When you’re inside, simply plug in the Earth Extension Cable into your favorite No Choice EMF Protective Grounding Garment, and you will receive the benefits of grounding from the comforts of your own home.

Written by Evolved Truth

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