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Doctors used to PR for the Tobacco industry, is the same trick being used for the wireless industry?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

If you go and ask your grandparents, they may be able to remember commercials with a smiling doctor, the highly pregnant women and even Santa advertising their favorite cigarette brand.

The tobacco industry knew how bad it was and in the 50’s they still hid it from the public. Instead of correcting wrongs, they hired the best PR firms on the planet to create doubt, confusion, and controversy. Which is exactly what is going on in the wireless tech industry today.

In 2011 The world health organization, WHO, classified cell phones as a class B carcinogen which “possibly causes cancer”. In 2018 the national toxicology program did a $25 million study funded by the NIH which showcased that cell phone exposure causes cancer and classified the exposure as a class 1 carcinogen. Despite this knowledge of health risk, wireless tech keeps being pushed as the next new thing.

Just as you will not die after smoking one cigarette and will not be seeing the harmful effects until later down the road, will you not be able to see the full harm done by electromagnetic radiation before it is too late.

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27 ene 2021

So true!

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