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Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Why bees are so important:

Bees are essential to life on this beautiful planet.

Bees play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance in nature. Without them, plants would not get pollinated, which would leave humanity (and the rest of the natural world) in a catastrophic food shortage.

A healthy bee population equals an abundant Earth. The entire planet NEEDS bees!

Some not so fun facts about our beloved bees:

  • In 2018, US beekeepers lost an average of 40% of their honey bee colonies. [Source: NPR]

  • Between October 2017 and April 2018, the US bee population decreased by over 30%. [Source: ABC]

  • Over 9% of all bee species in Europe are near extinction. [Source: Europa]

  • 2.5 Million bees died due to lockdowns in New Zealand (beekeepers forced to stay home). [Source: Newshub]

“Why are so many bees dying?”

There are multiple factors as to why bees are dying at such alarming levels. The three main causes are habitat loss (due to urbanization), toxic pesticides (sprayed on conventional foods), and electromagnetic frequencies (from wireless technologies).

A German study reviewed analysis from 83 bee studies and found that electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers, cell phones, smart meters, and Wi-Fi had clear, negative effects on bees in 72 of the studies.

The effects ranged from reduced navigational abilities to damaged DNA/RNA and larvae. All of which leads to a declining bee population in terms of both quality, and quantity.

One would likely wonder why such an incredibly important discovery isn’t talked about in the mainstream. Money talks, and it also silences.

Another important discovery within the study is that the wireless radiation opens calcium channels in certain cells which can trigger a biochemical response resulting in weakened immune systems and disrupted circadian rhythms.

As a society we need to ensure we have our priorities straight. Life is more important than slightly faster internet speeds. Big tech giants are constantly pushing to blanket the planet in a cloud of EMF’s; but I think it is quite clear that we should not blindly follow this dangerous agenda.

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Article by Evolved Truth

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