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How does EMF exposure affect babies?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

In today’s scientific world there is major research evidence that increased exposure to EMFs in early childhood increases the risk of brain cancer and leukemia(Kheifets et al., 2005). Furthermore, if a fetus is overexposed to EMFs during pregnancy it increases the risk of behavioral problems and hyperactivity observed at school (V. Bellieni and Pinto, 2012).

That leads to the question of how much exposure will be too MUCH and cause these types of problems - and what steps do we take to fend this off and block it?

One study found that a 50-minute cell phone call increased the glucose metabolism in the brain(Volkow et al., 2012), a function in the brain, which helps regulate several important processes. Since the study was done in adults and not babies who have a thinner and therefore more sensitive skull, we can assume that less than 50 minutes would affect their brain cells' metabolism, as they are less resistant to EMFs.

Another study also found that being exposed to cell phone radiation for only 60 minutes a day greatly decreased semen vitality. As the fertility rate, in general, has been declining in western countries, information like this should be discussed with seriousness(Volkow et al., 2012).

We need to keep in mind that all of these studies have been performed on adult humans, something that should make us demand that there be raised bigger questions about EMF's long-term effect on our kids' health.

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