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How does No Choice™ grounding concept work?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

What is the hype about grounding all about? We’re gonna tell you.

No Choice™ grounding garments not only protect you from electromagnetic radiation, but they also have the ability to ground you to the earth’s energy

How are you asking? The garments use our innovative grounding attachment that connects you to the grounding of your home system via the grounding receptacle in the outlet, it then connects to our conductive fabric made with pure silver so you can be protected and grounded while indoors.

Why should you practice grounding? There are many benefits linked to grounding like:

Reducing Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on the body, improving immune response, defuses the cause of inflammation and improves related symptoms, reduces or eliminates chronic pain, increasing energy and lowers stress, normalizes the body’s biological rhythms, relieves tensions and headaches, lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms, reduces or eliminates jet lag, and accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity. Learn more about it on our grounding page.

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