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How Modern Living Has Affected Our Sleep

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

The modern way of living has caused many negative effects on the health of humanity and the natural world at large. Perhaps the most prominent and overlooked effect is the disruption of harmonious sleep.

The “Circadian Rhythm” is our body's natural 24-hour cycle of biological processes, including sleep. Our circadian rhythm is what tells our body when it is time to rise in the morning, and rest at night.

It is easy to tell when your circadian rhythm is out of sync. Signs of a disrupted circadian rhythm include:

  • Being tired when it is light outside

  • Being wide awake when it is dark outside

  • Having difficulty falling asleep early

  • Having difficulty waking up early

The most significant causes of a disrupted circadian rhythm is a lack of spending time outdoors, and being exposed to too much artificial light.

As natural beings, we are meant to rise and fall in alignment with the sun.

Because of modern living, many people are stuck inside all day at their job. This prevents them from experiencing natural light throughout the day which is essential for maintaining an optimal circadian rhythm.

With the rise of synthetic technology, most of us are exposed to harmful artificial lights such as blue light from cell phones, tablets, and other devices. Exposure to blue light at night is especially disrupting to one's circadian rhythm.

When the sun goes down, your body will naturally release melatonin (sleep hormone) to help you begin the process of going to sleep. However, if you expose yourself to blue light at night, your brain will think it is still daytime which means melatonin release will be inhibited, keeping you awake when you should be tired.

Light at night is a major reason why people don’t get enough sleep, and researchers have linked short sleep to increased risk for depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Have you ever spent a weekend camping and realized that your sleep quality and dream lucidity was far better than what you’re used to?

There is a reason for this.

The vast majority of society is constantly exposed to high levels of nonnative electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, etc. are all beaming wireless radiation outward, blanketing our surroundings with damaging frequencies.

As electrical beings, these frequencies disrupt our natural vibration and electric field causing a multitude of health problems.

One of which includes the disruption of our sleep.

As revealed in this study, exposure to EMFs dramatically reduces sleep quality.

The study also highlighted that EMF exposure increased anxiety, depression and stress in individuals which are all low-vibrational emotions that further inhibit one’s ability to sleep peacefully.

I encourage you to spend a weekend in an area far away from EMFs and watch how incredible you sleep. Also take note of how vivid your dreams become.

A possible reason for the increase in dream quality is due to the fact that our wireless devices operate at frequencies that are harmful to the pineal gland (gateway to higher consciousness), as explained by Dr. Klinghardt.

So what can you do to enhance your sleep:

  • Avoid artificial lights at night

    • Use candles

    • Use Himalayan salt lamps

  • Use blue light blocking glasses

  • Download a red tinted filter for your devices (search for a red light filter on the app store)

  • Limit EMF exposure as much as possible

    • Keep devices away from your bedroom, keep them on airplane mode, unplug them, and store your cell phone in your No Choice phone sleeve.

    • Sleeping in your No Choice apparel is incredibly relieving if you are near a smart meter or cell towers.

  • Ground while you sleep (I will write more about this in another blog)

    • Grounding (connecting one’s body to the Earth) heavily increases sleep quality.

    • You can use your No Choice grounding garments to stay completely grounded while you sleep (immensely healing)

  • Meditate before bed to calm the mind

  • Stretch or do yoga before bed to relax your body

Written by Evolved Truth

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