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Is your phone spying on you?

Not only is your phone listening to you… it's tracking your location, recording you, monitoring your browsing habits, and manipulating you by pulsing you with electrical signals that affect certain brainwaves and your nervous system. Also governments around the globe are latching onto our smartphone locations as a proxy for where we all are, when and for how long. The data forms a map of population tracking to report on density and social distancing as well as anonymized travel patterns. Some governments are a level beyond, exploring movement tracking, contact tracing, quarantine enforcement. This is all part of their plan to rush in the new world order… I'm sure you have experienced the phenomenon when you're talking about a subject with friends then later will see ads on your phone about what you were talking about. This just goes to show they are listening. What else are they using this data for??? It's come to the point where our phones know us better than we know ourselves. They are using advanced Ai to predict what we are thinking next by what information we were observing previously. When are we going to say enough is enough and stop giving up our privacy for conceiveience? Or is it too late? Are we humans too far in the rabbit hole getting addicted and manipulated by this technology to where it's impossible to put it away? I think our privacy is very important and we should definitely not allow this to go any farther. We can take simple steps in the correct direction like putting our phones in faraday pouches like the "No Choice™ Blackout Pouch” we provide to help combat this sinister plot to track our every move. Not only will it help against the monitoring and tracking it also helps protect you and your reproductive organs from the harmful electromagnetic radiation your phone emits.

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It is very scary to think about how humans have given up so much of our privacy. Seems there is no turning back at this point.


I agree.

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