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Modern Day Knights | No Choice™

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

No Choice™ is designing armor for modern day knights to protect against the silent weapons for quiet wars. Humans have been using metal as armor for century's. Many people ask me... "why would they put up these frequency devices if they knew they were harmful." Let me ask you this.. "why did Hitler kill, burn, put in gas chambers millions of humans?" Its because he was possessed by the virus in this matrix. There is a virus in this matrix and its goal is to destroy you and the this reality. Just remember though... where there is a virus there is a anti virus. That is where No Choice and many others came into play. We are hear to spread awareness, solutions, and of course protection to combat this virus. We have been at war for eons against the virus in this matrix. We are no longer defending ourselves from swords and spears. We are defending ourselves against invisible malice frequencies.

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