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Paper Books vs. E-Books: Which are Better?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Reading books is a powerful way to gain valuable knowledge, improve memory and focus, reduce stress, and heighten imagination in an entertaining manner.

As time has progressed, many parts of society, including books, have become digitalized. E-Books vs paper books is a perfect example of modernism vs traditionalism. Which is better? Let’s dive into it.

Sensory Experience — There is something special about reading a paper book - feeling the paper and noticing its scent and crinkle with each page turn. It is pleasing to see how much of a book you’ve completed, and even more so to see how many books you’ve completed. A bookshelf is a beautiful landmark of any home. With e-books you don’t get any of this pleasure.

Focus — Trying to read productively from an e-book can be very difficult. E-readers, tablets, laptops, and other electronics one may read from are very distracting. Bright, flashy lights, sounds, and notifications are all annoying ways in which an

e-book can inhibit your ability to focus on reading. On a paper book, there are no distractions, simply the inked words and paper, allowing the reader to remain focused on what is important.

Comprehension — Research suggests paper books allow for better comprehension of the reading than with e-books. In 2013, a Norwegian study found that students who read a story on paper scored much higher on reading comprehension than those who read the story digitally. The students participating in the study all had the same reading level. The paper book group was able to recall events of the story and formulate an accurate timeline of the events, whereas the group reading digitally struggled to even remember the events themselves.

Health — Electronic reading devices connect to WI-FI and are thus a form of wireless technology. As many of you know, wireless technology emits electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are damaging to humans and other life forms. Generally, people tend to hold their e-books directly over their midsection, which is an area that is extremely sensitive to the EMFs emitted by such devices. So if you are going to read an e-book, make sure you have a No Choice EMF-protective blanket underneath you to protect yourself.

Another way e-readers affect its users' health is from the blue light emitted from the screen. A team of Harvard Medical School researchers found that the use of e-readers in the hours before bedtime are damaging to one’s overall health, and disruptive to one’s circadian rhythm. A member of the research team explained, “Participants reading a light-emitting e-book took longer to fall asleep and had reduced evening sleepiness, reduced melatonin secretion, later timing of their circadian clock and reduced next-morning alertness than when reading a printed book.”

Conclusion — Reading in any form is a powerful tool to help grow and develop oneself. While this is true, we can see that the method of reading certainly makes a difference in terms of health and understanding. Paper books are a pleasure to read, and to stack on a bookshelf. Some refer to books as “the entrance to the writer’s soul.” With this idea in mind, I think it is even more clear that paper books provide an authentic, energetic, and perhaps mystical experience that does not occur when using a digital device.

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Written by Evolved Truth

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